A Poem To Star

This poem goes out to an amazing friend.


I remember the first day I saw you

I saw your beauty from across the way

Taller than most

It caught me off guard

I could tell you were different

You were a Star


S is for strong

Such a strong young lady

So small but yet so full of power and love

I constantly thank the Lord above

T is for tall

That height is perfect

A walking model for everyone to see

Blessing my timeline constantly

A is for amazing

So kind and sweet

You’re the best fried someone could ask for

I’m so glad we got to meet

R is for radiant

Make-up? What’s that?

Something you will never need because you’re all that

Chubbiest cheeks I’ve ever felt

Nicest smile I’ve ever seen

No need to upgrade because you’re the original Queen

Proud of and all you do

Such amazing things are coming your way

I know I’m late but Happy Birthday

-To Star


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