Is Flirting Cheating ? 

This week I have been on twitter and I’ve seen a lot about Tiny & T.I. They are divorcing and it’s everywhere. There are so many different opinions on who’s right and wrong. I was definitely on Tiny’s side but T.I. did have me laughing a few times. I started thinking about all of the things I could write about. I decided to start with “Is flirting cheating?”. 

*Here’s the link to the video: Tiny & T.I: The Family Hustle Finale 


I put a poll up on twitter asking “Is flirting cheating?”. 83% said yes and 17% said no. 

Lida, a college sophomore, feels that “It’s a difficult question to answer. I said yes but it’s sorta gray. A little flirting isn’t something I’d immediately end a relationship over *unless it was constant. Also, it’s not something so easy to spot as one could think someone’s flirting but that person didn’t feel as though they were.”

A recent college grad feels flirting is not cheating. However, he does state “there’s rules to flirting. You can’t be disrespect to your significant other so flirt with poise.” 

I definitely think flirting has rules. Touching to an extent isn’t the right idea. Let’s not even get started on kissing. For some people a kiss will lead to the end of the relationship. The rules will always change depending on who you are seeing at the time. Some people won’t care while others will get upset over pat on the back. Just make sure you know how your partner feels about flirting. 

Jurnee, another college sophomore, feels “Flirting opens the doors to make people assume it’s okay to go further.” 

Ashley, a rising sophomore, definitely thinks flirting is cheating. Her take on the topic is “Flirting is sexually enticing someone, the only sexual activity you have should be with a partner if you two are an exclusive pair.” 

A lot of people agree with both statements. Flirting can definitely lead to something more. At a certain point your partner needs to make sure flirting doesn’t lead to kissing or anything physical. Unless, of course, it’s an open relationship. Then go right ahead. I do agree that flirting is sexually enticing someone but that’s not something to always fret about. Like Lida stated earlier “A little flirting isn’t something I’d immediately end a relationship over *unless it was constant”. Constant, heavy flirting is a problem but for others flirting in general just isn’t allowed. 

Phil, a college graduate, disagrees. He states “I’m a flirt so it’s natural for me to come off flirty.” 

For natural flirty people it’s never easy. Your significant other will most likely know if you’re a flirt because that’s probably how you got them. Once in a relationship a lot of people expect naturally flirty people to stop being that way. Little do they know, it doesn’t work that way. If you’re a flirt then that’s just your life. However, you can’t use this as an excuse. Either set boundaries with your partner or tell them this is how you are and they can go or stay. 

Just My Opinion 

I personally feel flirting is not cheating. I can see how people would feel that it is. I feel it is very dependent on the situation. There are so many ways you can go about. At the end of the day, I won’t be upset if my partner is seen flirting because I will most likely be doing the same thing. I am naturally flirty so It just happens. The point where I may get a little upset is if my partner keeps touching another person. Then I’ll be a little cautious but I still won’t consider this cheating. In my opinion, if you haven’t physically slept with another person then you haven’t cheated. A kiss can go either way for me. That definitely depends on the situation. I think it’s also important to note that a lot of people “cheat” emotionally. Both physical and emotional cheating are horrible but a little flirting isn’t that bad. 

Overall, flirting clearly has rules for each person. Be sure to make sure you know exactly how your partner feels about flirting and act accordingly (if you want to keep them). Make sure you do this with each partner because everyone you date will not be the same. Most importantly, find someone who makes you happy. 


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